10th Annual Business Ethics & Anti-Corruption Compliance in CEE, SEE & CIS

Gain practical insights on Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs, Third Party Due Diligence and Mitigating Corruption Risks in CEE, SEE & CIS

21 Mar 2019 to 22 Mar 2019
Prague, Czech Republic

21 Mar 2019 to 22 Mar 2019 Prague, Czech Republic



Acquiring new companies, expanding into new markets, high employee turnover or engaging third parties, sales agents and distributors can expose a business to significant regulatory risk. Recent research across Europe has shown that companies will be increasingly exposed to Fraud & Corruption in 2016. One of the key drivers for this will be the current economic conditions.
With recent news of bribery investigations in Germany, Italy, Poland, Austria and other countries in CEE, Corporate Fraud and Corruption is taking centre stage in Europe. While many multinational companies have Ethics & Anti-Corruption compliance programs, they may always not be effective especially when operating in less transparent jurisdictions.
In this context GCM Parker is proud to present its 2 day unique conference in Prague: “8th Annual Business Ethics Anti Corruption Compliance Strategies in CEE, SEE & CIS"
This unique event will feature practical case study presentations from Chief Compliance Officers, General Counsels and Heads of Internal Audit.
Testimonials from the previous Anti-Corruption conferences:
“Well organized event for an interesting target group. Recommended for those who do business in CEE, SEE, CIS or other emerging markets, or with partners in these territories”
- Deputy General Counsel & Chief Compliance Counsel EMEA
Tyco International
“I attend quite a number of conferences throughout a year and I must admit that I found this - one of the better. Well organised, interesting agenda, skilled presenters, value for money”
- Global Ethics Officer
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
“Excellent event! Thank you for organising it! I particularly liked the “inside” views and knowledge sharing form Siemens, KIA, Tyco & Ferring pharmaceuticals!”
- Manager Internal Controls & Compliance CR & SK


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